Driven by Relationships

Banc Star Financial LTD has assembled a team of wealth advisors that have dedicated their careers to developing novel asset management strategies for institutional and individual investors.

We assign a lead senior asset management partner as the primary contact for each of our clients. That partner is responsible for developing and managing a bespoke program of equity and fixed income investment assets that is crafted to meet that client’s specific near and long-term goals. Our team serves the needs of both global and domestic clients with an investment philosophy that delivers superior returns within the contours of a client’s risk tolerance and need for diversification. We strive to deliver optimum returns and asset value appreciation over the long term through both actively managed accounts and passively managed investment fund platforms.

Experience Backed Expertise

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Banc Star Financial’s active portfolio managers work closely and consult with our in-house research team that utilizes our hands-on, proprietary research tools to identify strong companies that demonstrate competitive advantages and untapped long-term potential. Our research specialists maintain in-person relationships with key opinion leaders in all industry sectors in both mature and emerging geographic markets. They combine their personal presence in the asset management industry with our proprietary approach to identify investments before they appear on other asset managers’ radar. Our portfolio managers then use that verified research to construct portfolios that meet a consistent singular goal, namely, to provide for our asset management clients an opportunity to increase their asset wealth with risk-adjusted alpha and superior portfolio performance over every successive market cycle.

Banc Star Financial’s wealth advisors dedicate themselves and their client services to our stated principles of offering intelligent investment advice that is based on experience, objective research, and conviction to the highest fiduciary standards in the wealth management industry.

Trusted by thousands of people & companies.

We begin every client relationship from the premise that no single wealth management strategy is ideal for every investor. To meet individual client goals and strategies, we provide a range of investment programs along a continuum from specific alpha strategies to comprehensive investment programs that encompass multiple coordinated strategies, including equity, fixed income and multi-asset-class investment programs. Banc Star Financial is proud to provide outcomes and support that are the foundation of long-term relationships with all of our asset management clients.

Most critically, we guard and maintain our independence from investment fund managers that are incentivized to direct clients into their own limited group of funds or assets. Our wealth management teams pursue investment decisions solely as a function of a client’s unique philosophies and strategies, and without bias from funds and assets that generate fees through in-house management and marketing.

Our wealth advisors develop their portfolio recommendations from groups of equity, fixed income, and specialty investment assets. We are guided first by each client’s unique tolerance for risk, need for asset class diversification, and specific desires for investment exposure to assets that meet the client’s greater personal or societal goals. We then frame recommendations comprising multiple equity classes, each of which is subject to its own set of research rules and techniques.