With an asset base that has significantly greater value than other investor groups, UHNW investors and their families will be faced with higher tax burdens, administrative difficulties associated with tracking and managing a larger investment portfolio, management of real estate holdings in both domestic and international jurisdictions, and responding to philanthropic organizations that seek the UHNW investor’s participation and resources.

Our UHNW team starts investor engagements by developing a comprehensive financial plan that includes management structures and mechanisms that reduce these burdens. When a significant asset base is placed under a comprehensive management umbrella, the UHNW investor is then free to focus on strategies that will  protect and build generational wealth. Unlike standard financial planning, these comprehensive structures and mechanisms exceed the simple goals of regular income protections and retirement savings to include:

  • real time monitoring and management of liquid assets and debt;
  • investment strategies;
  • tax planning and legitimate tax reduction efforts;
  • retirement planning, including mechanisms to pay for extended care facilities and health care requirements;
  • estate planning across all affected jurisdictions;
  • risk mitigation
Banc Star Financial’s UHNW client engagements begin with an extended phase of  comprehensive discussions that lead to a definition of the investor’s personal needs, family values, and wealth creation goals. Our advisors then use our proprietary technology and tools to develop financial forecasts with alternative “what if” scenarios based on an investor’s current finances and anticipated future financial status. Banc Star Financial has internal expert resources to address virtually every aspect of a UHNW investor’s goals and strategies. We utilize external expert advice and recommendations as may be required to address unique situations that our own advisors cannot manage. Our UHNW team then creates a dynamic plan of action and implements that plan in full partnership with the investor client.

Asset Consolidation

As their asset base grows with their business and personal successes, UHNW investors and their families often find themselves with investment accounts at multiple financial institutions. Banc Star Financial’s wealth advisors will consolidate all of those accounts under one or a small number of management structures while maintaining the diversity and independence that investors typically cite as their reason for establishing these multiple accounts. Our asset consolidation services accomplish other goals as well:

  • reducing costs by combining accounts into a single unit;
  • simplifying asset management administration by reducing the number if monthly statements that an investor receives when assets are distributed among multiple accounts;
  • avoiding duplicate investments and analytical efforts that may be in conflict with each other;
  • simplifying estate settlements for executors, who will have only a single unified source to assess an investor’s total assets;
  • making retirement planning more efficient by combining retirement income sources.