Corporate Debt Services
Banc Star Financial understands and appreciates that each of its clients has unique debt and financing requirements that are driven by economic and industry cycles, cash flow, the client’s business model, and the strength and liquidity of the client’s assets. Our corporate debt team crafts solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs and requirements. Our collaborative approach provides clients with an array of options, allowing them to select the optimum corporate debt solution for a specific point in time.

Our bankers and corporate debt specialists have developed detailed insights into how historical market conditions have driven corporate debt decisions as economic cycles affect the strength and weakness of a client’s business and financing opportunities. We use that knowledge to secure Banc Star Financial’s presence as a primary entity in the capital and corporate debt markets.

We use our proprietary full-service technology platform to administer the novel public and private debt financing solutions that we craft for our clients. Our full-service corporate debt capabilities enable us to be the sole source of debt financing solutions for many of our clients. Notwithstanding our sole-source capabilities, we also participate in debt syndicate structures both as lead lenders and as participants when debt syndication is a preferred option.

Banc Star Financial’s corporate debt service offerings specifically include originating, negotiating, and structuring senior or subordinate debt and mezzanine financings to help a client achieve corporate goals, including:

  • Sourcing capital for general growth and for specific projects or profit centers;
  • Freeing liquidity for shareholder or management buyouts;
  • Recapitalizing or restructuring current debt;
  • Facilitating employee stock option plans;
  • Rapid capital sourcing for targeted acquisitions;
  • Bridge financing.
We begin each client engagement with an in-depth analysis of the client’s short- and long-term capital requirements within the structure of its existing business model and its plans for future growth and development. That analysis forms the foundation of a greater financing strategy that drives specific corporate debt efforts and that advises the form and function of the administration of the underlying debt.

As a leading advisor and consultant on both the domestic and international corporate debt stages, we have developed and maintain longstanding relationships with investment, merchant, and commercial banks, specialty lenders, venture capital funds, hedge fund managers, and other private lenders. Our clients trust our corporate debt team to provide solutions that respond to their needs and goals and that appeal to capital sources that hold and service the debt. Banc Star Financial’s relationships and industry presence further facilitate the structuring and placement of both public and private debt facilities.