Investment opportunities in the international equity markets have expanded exponentially over the past twenty years. Banc Star Financial’s international equity team has adapted our research and analysis tools to capitalize on those opportunities with full knowledge and experience of how equity markets differ on the international stage.

We begin with a goal of identifying international assets that show stability and a high value for long-term growth. We incorporate aspects that are unique to the country and region where those assets are based or have the strongest operational concentration. We develop recommendations that allow for continuous growth and value appreciation with a minimum of risks from external international effects.

Sector and industry cycles are common elements of all investments. Those cycles may work differently in the international markets, even if the majority of investors react to those cycles as they do in domestic markets. Our wealth managers use objective criteria to find companies in the international markets that are at the beginning of applicable cycles. They then monitor their recommendations to provide exit strategies at or near the peak of those cycles.

We look for companies that are poised to surprise the market with growth and earnings, and that can continue to expand their growth and earnings in conjunction with applicable market, sector, or industry cycles.
Investments in international equity assets are not ideal for every portfolio. We work with our investors to understand their wealth management goals and needs, and their tolerance for risk as measured against a desire for growth. If international equity fits with the investor’s profile, we look for opportunities that meet objective criteria that we help our investor clients to define.
Our managers also rely on their experience and connections in all of the international markets that are in the scope of our research. We appreciate that those markets may be more volatile or subject to regulations or external forces that are absent from the domestic markets. When we sense a disruption in the potential for value in an international investment, we are quick to help our clients to exit the investment before significant erosion of accumulated value.
International equity investments are also subject to unpredictable political forces. Our research team stays abreast of all political developments in the markets that our clients have trusted with their portfolios. This process enables us to identify political decisions and the effects of those decisions with ample time for our clients to modify their portfolios without significant erosion of any value.