Banc Star Financial has created proprietary fixed income platforms and tools to facilitate the sale, trading, structuring, and origination of investment grade and high yield corporate debt and other structured finance products in the domestic and international public debt markets. Those markets offer unprecedented opportunities to fund both traditional and hybrid debt instruments with publicly-available resources that were untapped as recently as five or ten years ago.

We use our access to those markets to arrange, structure, and market corporate high yield debt across multiple industries. Our consultants provide unbiased debt financing advice by leveraging relationships with international debt investors to obtain optimum debt financing terms for our clients.

We also maintain a strong presence in the private markets for corporate debt products. As a private entity itself, Banc Star Financial understands and appreciates the inherent importance of discretion and confidentiality when formulating private transactions for our closely-held clients.

Banc Star Financial combines its public and private debt placement services with all of its corporate debt offerings. We leverage our longstanding relationships with commercial banks and finance companies, insurance companies, and debt fund managers to help clients execute senior and subordinate debt placements, recapitalizations, and other corporate debt financing structures.

We assess all possible alternatives and solutions for long term corporate debt to formulate optimum recommendations for our clients. Our clients trust us to deliver customized credit market insights that facilitate the most appropriate financing for each unique operating structure.