Ultra high net worth individuals have achieved their success because they are driven by passions and purposes that exceed pecuniary interests. Those passions connect UHNW individuals to their communities and create a platform for personal growth and expansion that goes well beyond their businesses and investments.

Philanthropy is at the core of much of that growth. When they address our UHNW clients’ philanthropic goals, our wealth advisors first determine the nature of the  involvement that a client seeks to develop with beneficiaries. That involvement runs along a continuum from direct participation to anonymous endowments. We delve into each client’s philanthropic motives, needs, and expectations to create a structured advisory approach to ensure that all philanthropy serves the client’s immediate goals as well as the unique overall wealth management and creation strategy that our advisors develop for a client.

At every stage, philanthropic efforts should be impactful and rewarding. Our wealth managers rely on Banc Star Financial’s global network to connect clients with like-minded philanthropists to verify the impacts and rewards that a client seeks and to spark new philanthropic ideas that drive stronger results.

Our UHNW experience reveals that clients often direct their philanthropic efforts to the arts community. We provide introductions to boards of trustees and other charitable organizations that support the public arts. We also maintain special relationships to assist UHNW clients to navigate the purchases and sales of works of art, to value and manage collections, and to analyze and research all corners of the art market.

Charitable Giving

Charitable gifts from the UHNW community frequently come through structured philanthropic efforts. Our wealth advisors have the knowledge and expertise to determine which assets in a UHNW investor’s portfolio will deliver the highest value for both the charitable organization and the investor, particularly where assets have significant unrealized capital gains.

Investors can also establish a lasting philanthropic legacy with a family charitable foundation. Our advisors assist in the formation of those foundations and in developing rules and guidelines that give investors full flexibility and control over philanthropic contributions.