Investment risk assumes a magnified role in the portfolio of a UHNW investor. As the value of the portfolio grows, its attendant risk can also grow and expose the investor to potentially ruinous losses. Effective risk management is a greater challenge for investors that have highly diversified portfolios with multiple asset classes spread among both domestic and international markets.

UHNW investors also face a heightened risk of legal liability from regulators, parties claiming injuries, and other potential plaintiffs. Liability insurance can limit some of this legal exposure, but effective mitigation of legal risks involves erecting defenses around assets that can be attaché to satisfy judgments. Our wealth advisors craft custom solutions that separate ownership and control of assets to optimize protection from legal liability.

Our advisors also specialize in utilizing diversification to address risks posed by market volatility. A UHNW investor’s portfolio can achieve optimum diversity with investments that cover a range of geographic locations, industries, and asset classes.  UHNW families can also reduce risk by taking the route of tax-free bonds.

Last, an investor’s health and well-being will always be an intangible and uncertain part of the investor’s life. The risks of serious illnesses and disabilities cannot be fully eliminated, but our advisors can provide some protection from ruinous health care costs with recommendations for long-term care and critical illness insurance.